Hotel Balconies: Penthouse at The Modern Honolulu

As promised, finally another post about my holiday in Hawaii! While creating this blog post I was reviewing the photos and reliving my time there, it truly is paradise. I've decided to start a series on hotel balconies. Over the past weeks I've posted several photos of views from my hotel balconies and they seem to be everyone's favorite posts so I'm going to try and continue the series, regardless, continuing the series means I get to enjoy more beautiful hotel balconies so perhaps my reasoning is selfish. ;) For those of you just starting to read, these photos were taken on the huge Penthouse wrapping balcony at the Modern Honolulu, the hotel I stayed at on this trip to Hawaii. Though sadly I didn't get to stay in the penthouse, the amazing people at the hotel gave me a private tour of it (I think they were teasing me for my next stay) and let me hang out there for a day and shoot with my friend and photographer, Jamie Tang. New life goal: booking the penthouse on my new Hawaii trip.