Los Angeles Brunch Squad

I just got these pictures back from my brunch date with my blogger babe squad in LA and am so excited to share. A few days ago my friend Kate and I brought together a group of our favorite LA-based gal pals for brunch at one of my favorite LA restaurants; Ysabel. If you have never been to Ysabel, GO (run) immediately! IMO it's a rare gem that strikes the balance of having both amazing food and a stunning interior. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a design freak and I'm a sucker for restaurants with amazing ambiance. Every time I'm in LA I find myself here at Ysabel on repeat because it's perfect for brunch with gal pals, or dinner dates with the bf. I will admit I have been here 2x in one day - that's how much I like it. Anyway... 

Now, getting back to the lady date deets. Before lunch we all stopped by another favorite of mine - Alfred Tea & Coffee for a coffee and tea top up, you gotta get that caffeine fix, ya know? ;) I'm not at liberty to tell you what was discussed (girl code), but I can tell you that we had a great time and are very close to solving world peace (as well as how to deal with boyfriend's when they PMS). Jokes aside, we purposely invited an amazing group of power babes who are all working on growing their own businesses, building internationally-known blogs, slaying the modeling game, or crushing it in their careers - so encouraging to hear what each of these ladies is doing! Old relationships were strengthened and new ones were forged - and it's a day I won't soon forget. 

We had such a great time and our lunch that Kate and I have decided to transform our casual babe lunches into a more regular thing. Starting in 2017 (as our schedules clear up), we'll launch a brunch series with purpose of giving creative female entrepreneurs a place to have fun, meet new friends and network. Please shoot me an email if you're interested in joining! 

Participating ladies: Kate Tik (@KateTik), Christine Kong (@DailyKongfidence), Ellen Kim (@SpreadFashion), Xenia Mz (@Xenia.Mz), Elise Gabriel (@EliseGabriel)