Cosy Stay at Hotel Chavanel in Paris

For the first half of my time in Paris I needed to be in the 8th arrondissement for meetings, so I stayed at the beautiful, new boutique hotel; Hotel Chavanel, which was close to the extravagant Printemps Christmas decorations I mentioned in an earlier post. The hotel was modern and gorgeous - I was so impressed to the attention to every detail. You all know I'm a foodie, so the full organic breakfast (especially the fresh orange juice) was a major hit and the view from the room was to die for, though my favorite part of my stay is something I completely unexpected, the amazing owner Sophie. Sophie is so involved and thoughtful. She participated in 100% of the recent design updates to the hotel and in speaking to her, it was clear that she had thought of every detail - even the lace curtains were by designer Sophie Hallette and had a story. 

This was my first trip returning to Paris since the attacks at the end of 2015. During my stay, I had the opportunity to speak with Sophie at length about how Parisian's are reacting to and overcoming the tragic events that occurred in November. To be honest, before my trip I had certain fears about returning to Paris so soon after the attacks and had questions about how the city had changed lingered in my mind in the days leading up to my trip. Sophie told me that Parisians are strong people and though the losses were horrific and terrible, they believe in fighting terrorism with the peaceful message that they aren't letting the attacks get to them in a way that will paralyze them from living any aspect of their daily lives. Such a powerful message and definitely one that needs to be shared.