Spring Street, Downtown Los Angeles

This week I'm in Los Angeles for work - I'm here to work with my team to produce a bunch of really cool YouTube content. My standard LA trips are Monday - Friday and I rarely get to stay over the weekend, but this trip was an exception and I was able to enjoy two blissful days of Los Angeles sunshine (and all of the fun things one does when spending the weekend in Los Angeles). My first stop was paying a visit to my good friend and the best photographer in LA (in my not-so-humble opinion), Fab Fernandez, while hanging with Fab we took some photos together and caught up on life, here are the photos that came from our time together. 

Outfit: Madewell BlazerWildfox SunglassesGuess Ripped JeansHermes Enamel Cuff, Gold Cuff (Italian Street Vendor), Valentino "Studded Ballerina" Flats